Buga is a global social platform that empowers users to be content creators and reward them for sharing their minds, experience, and time. An opportunity for everyday people to benefit from the creator economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give everyday people the ability to design and live a meaningful life by sharing their visions, making a living by using their talents and making a living from their passions.

Buga Challenge - Exciting, Educative and Fun

We are creating exciting and improvement-based Challenges that are fun opportunities for our subscribers that give more rewards based on your contributions. Each week, you’ll get a new prompt surrounding a weekly/monthly theme to ride on. 

However, consistent posting, post Engagement, referral, and participation that make a user active hold a heavier weight. When users comment on a post, they get to decide the validity. Buga rewards users' activities with points that can be converted to various currencies.

We are committed to creating rewarding moments that put cash back in your wallet. Our tech team is working hard to open more tools to make Buga.me more user-friendly and easy for you to earn more even at leisure.